Noargen is a biopharmatech platform for developing biological medicinal products.
Noargen helps healthcare systems of communities have more options for treating patients with life-changing diseases and provide them with affordable biopharmaceutical products.
Biosimilar medicinal products which will change direction of the diseases toward full healthy condition or a controlled condition.
Noargen has two distinct categories of activity.
Firstly, Noargen produces its own medicinal bio-products like a biosimilar of Beractant (Survanta®), a biosimilar formulation of EGF, a biosimilar of Romiplostim (Nplate®),Panitumumab (Vectibix®) and more which are now in our pipeline.
Secondly, Noargen with its state-of-the-art facility, acts as a CMO and co-develops and co-produces biopharmaceuticals for its elite costumers. For this, Noargen has equipped its facility with both mammalian and bacterial recombinant expression system and production lines. Noargen will help customers from laboratory scale to production scale with its facility or experts. From pharmaceutical development to registration of products at health authorities, Noargen would accompany its costumer.
Noargen Facility will be erected in two phases in 16000 m2 land area. Phase 1 will be finished in August 2016 and phase two will start very soon.

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Address : No. 125, Km 22.5 of Tehran-Karaj special road. Tehran, Iran

Zipcode : 1399114913